On this day in 1869, the Reconstruction Convention referred the neglected business of adopting a constitution to a committee

In between two reports received from a Special Committee on the Condition of the State, on January 12, 1869, the Constitutional Convention approved the following resolution:

Resolved, 1st. That a committee of eleven be appointed, and that the Constitution, so far as engrossed, be referred to said committee for correction and revision and the supplying of parts omitted. That said committee is instructed to act on and report said Constitution as a whole, and with the least possible delay; and to enable said committee to act promptly the members thereof during their deliberations are authorized to absent themselves from this House, unless when a call of the House is made.

2nd. That said committee is further instructed to prepare and report an ordinance providing for an election to be held on the question of the adoption of the Constitution, to be submitted by this Convention; such election to be held at the earliest convenient time.


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