#OTD The Reconstruction Convention Resolved to Focus on Framing a Texas Constitution

On January 25, 1869, the Reconstruction Convention adopted the following resolution:

WHEREAS, Matters of general legislation have already accumulated to a very considerable extent upon this Convention; and

WHEREAS, It is evident that more business of the same nature will be presented; therefore,

Resolved, That this Convention will not entertain the consideration of any new business of a legislative character until all the business now before the Convention, including the framing of a constitution, be disposed of.

Resolved, further, That to expedite business and perfect our labors as soon as possible, this Convention shall have a morning and evening session, the former to begin at half-past nine o’clock, the latter at half-past seven o’clock, to take effect the twenty-seventh instant.

The following day, January 26, 1869, another resolution was adopted:

Resolved, That no adjournment of this body take place until a constitution shall have been perfected and an ordinance framed submitting the constitution to the people, for ratification or rejection.

Resolved, further, That no business shall be in order other than the formation of a constitution, until the same shall have been completed.

A majority of the Committee on the Constitution was then instructed to report that evening, at 7:30 pm, but at that time there was no quorum, and the convention eventually adjourned until the next day.


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